Mammoth Finding at Reser Stadium in OSU

Just in news yesterday that construction workers at the Oregon State University (OSU) sports stadium, called Reser, found mammoth bones believed to be at least 10,000 years old. They also found bones belonging to other extinct animals. That is great! However, I am wondering how come these were not discovered when they were originally building the stadium. How could they have missed then?

Of course, the construction workers are not experts in archaeological or anthropological findings. They could have easily missed then or never dug at the place that was dug now. I have been visiting OSU for the past 4 years for my kids. Seen a lot of construction with some new buildings popping up.

Regarding the Reser stadium construction work (it is actually an extension of an existing stadium), I would have thought, “come on, do you really need all that construction to extend an already existing and great looking stadium?”. But now I think that was worth it given the mammoth discovery. Hope some good research would go into this at OSU.

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