Let Former Felons Vote – We Are a Democracy, Aren’t We?

In recent news heard of restoration of voting rights to former felons in Virginia. The state’s governor, Terry McAuliffe, was instrumental in doing this. This is indeed laudable. When a convicted felon has served the society through incarceration or whatever penalties imposed on them and completed the punishment, it is time to let them be able to vote. Otherwise, democracy has no meaning.

I heard of some folks opposed to the governor, referred the action to taking political advantage for potentially helping Hillary Clinton (the democratic presidential candidate – still campaigning in the primary at the time of this opinion). This is absurd! After all, the former felons could be of any political leaning, democratic or republican or for that matter, independent. Just because their voting rights are restored doesn’t mean they would vote for a candidate that the governor supports. It is a stupid argument, to say the least, to think otherwise.

I did a little review of the state of the different states’ position on this issue. A lot of gaps to fill. I hope the other states will follow suit and adopt governor McAuliffe’s position.

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