Lambasting Washington is an Insult to Washington and the Nation’s Polity

Every time a politician criticizes the state of affairs and how they would make it better, particularly at the national level (US national level, that is), all they do is lambaste Washington. They say, “Everything is wrong with Washington” or “Washington is corrupt” or “Washington is bankrupt in terms of fresh ideas”. Very well! What does it say of the politician who says such things on Washington, especially that they are seeking to be in Washington either as Congress Person or Senator or for that matter, even President? It says that they don’t have respect to the very institutions they are seeking to be part of.

But on a larger note, Washington is the father of the nation, for God’s sake! Give him some respect. Every time one invokes Washington as the center of power that is all things bad, one is not only bad mouthing the nation’s capital but also disparaging the first president of the United States. The irony is that such badmouthing is done even by folks who have cushily settled in Washington, run its business and are part and parcel of its life.

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