Advanced Recycling and Reuse in India When Growing Up but Now ……

I will let the picture speak for itself relative to the last part of the title. For the rest of the positive part of the title, the following should suffice which is extracted from a book I wrote:

Alex: We are in a world of recycling, reuse. We want to minimize the impact on the environment given our modern day consumptions and uses. You say when you were growing up, India was pretty advanced in this area?

Sri: Absolutely! The paper guy would come home to pick up all our old newspaper and pay us by weight for it. The bottles guy would pick up all our glass bottles and pay us. The street vendors would serve food in almond leaves and our spoons would be flat wood sticks. In wedding lunches or dinners, all food is served on banana or straw knitted almond leaves. Finally, in train stations tea used to be served in earthen cups. I will let folks listening conclude how these are environmentally helpful!

Alex: Very well said. Pick up the signaling button and make your next selection – you are in command of the board.

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